Speed dating in ennis dating in iqaluit

Then the couples can decide whether they want to schedule another date.Emily Getzschman, the Omaha Public Library’s marketing manager, said the event is one way to bring people to the library who may not have visited in awhile.“(We) try to reconnect them with the library while they’re here, and hopefully they make a love connection too,” she said.

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He was one of about 200 people signed up for the Omaha Public Library’s eighth annual speed dating event this weekend, including 80 on Sunday.

When Trisha entered the speed dating event in February 2015 she had no expectations of meeting her future husband.

She’d been back home in Omaha for less than a year following more than a decade teaching first- and second-graders in India and Oman.“I was having tons of adventures, but I realized there was something missing,” she said.

But trying to find common interests with the people he met and finding friends were priorities too.

After going on all of his speed dates, Adrian said he expected to find a few matches of his own.

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