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It is such a difficult time in ones live,but we do have a life. It wasn't a perfect marriage but the last year was what I thought to be the best year. I don't understand the "WE" part because I was happy, I thought everything was fine... Its extremely hard on me because we have a child together a 2 year old little girl. You may well have been living your life, enjoying your relationship with little knowledge of the emotions going on inside of him.I feel like a fool - it will be 6 weeks tomorrow for me and the legal proceedings are beginning. My children have been abandoned by him as well and they are deeply hurt and angry. During our " we arent happy" talk he said he feels caged. I just want to be happy and not feel like everything is falling apart around me. How could you know if he didn't tell you till the end? Yes, breaking up is one of the most difficult psychological tasks.For some couples just staying together is good enough.But others want the relationship to move forward and get better and are willing to put in the effort to get there.She sat on my sofa and cried wretched tears, begging him to keep trying, to stay with her in spite of it all. People keep hanging on, hoping that things will improve when they know that there's no hope. As much as you just wish that you could bring him or her back to the way they used to be, they have already moved on. Understand why he/she needs to justify his/her actions any way possible-including rewriting history, lying or attacking you. Life is long and there is always a chance for happiness if you look for it! I think sometimes people get themselves into such a deep rut of unhappy feelings they aren't able.... And the new—resurrected—relationship has been built on the foundation of the original relationship—our history together is not something that can be erased. But 2…that depends on what you mean by ‘over’ and 7, well I like it, but how about celebrating your life—it doesn’t have to be single. I celebrated my life as a committed and Standing wife. I had wrote a note (March27/2009)to myself ,saying I think my husband will have an affair in the future with this women, I do not know her last name and I think so and so(her friend,as well as mine) will have something to do with it.

I put together quotes on to help me and others with this.

Prior to the meeting I locked my keys in the car,had to get a tow truck person to unlock my car,so I was a little frazzeled needless to say ,at the meeting.

BUT next meeting I will go with guns loaded,he will not bully me anymore. I hope one day to meet someone that will kind,considerate and loyal. I was left suddenly for another woman after 22 years of marriage. I was told that he had been faking being happy for a long time. How do you ( the same day you tell someone your not happy) tell them "I LOVE YOU" a few hours earlier? It makes me feel worthless like I cant make anyone happy. But because your partner felt caged, doesn't necessarily mean that you were the warden.

We know couples cheat in the long-term, people end up in new work places and in new situations where possible alternative partners show up, conflicts arise, or a lack of willingness to sacrifice time for your partner emerges.”Some threat mitigation tactics can actually become enhancement strategies over time, Ogolsky said, but the reverse is not usually true.“We get to a place where we are pouring energy into the relationship simply because we want to keep the relationship moving forward rather than just mitigating threats.”In their integrative model of relationship maintenance, the researchers also illustrate individual versus interactive components of maintenance.“This question of ‘is this an individual thing or is this a couple-level thing’ often goes unanswered.

But as we were doing this review, we started noticing that there are ways to maintain the relationship that we can characterize as ‘more or less in our own heads.’ We are doing something to convince ourselves that this is a good relationship and therefore it’s good for our relationship,” Ogolsky said.“Things like positive illusions, the idea that we can believe our relationship is better than it is or that our partner is better than he or she is. Mitigating conflict, however, is something that partners must do together.

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