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Many of the kids who stayed with us had suffered severe physical or sexual abuse.

As I got older, I’d hear terrible stories of abuse and abandonment and sometimes wished I didn’t have to deal with such difficult situations but I knew the other children needed to talk and I was happy to listen.

Mum wrote a poem to welcome Jack to the family and made me a “Best Sister In The World” certificate.

By the time Jack was four he’d been placed with three potential adoptive families. It was so frustrating that other people thought he was difficult.

After a fourth family turned Jack down we made a decision to offer him a permanent home.

I was 16 when he arrived and for the first time I felt really maternal.

Jack was such an intelligent, independent and cuddly kid. He loved it when I fed him, showing him the love he’d missed. I’d got used to children coming and going but Jack was special with loads of potential.

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