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I'd much rather have the pain."One of those photographs is from July 2001, when Ricky won the Craftsman Truck Series race at Kansas Speedway. Just below it hangs another picture, this one hanging on the wall across the table from Hendrick, directly in his sight line. He'd like to go back and find every one of them and apologize, because until he experienced it, he "didn't have any damn idea what they were going through."Dick Ebersol knows. Hendrick told the story of his return to the racetrack after the plane crash. Rick Hendrick carries a piece of his son with him everywhere he goes. She looks just like him, and her grandfather says she acts just like him, too.

It is a close-up of Ricky, holding an American flag, looking upward, likely during the national anthem at a NASCAR event. It was at Homestead Miami Speedway, at which he received a standing ovation in the prerace driver meeting. during a 2001 test at what was then Lowe's Motor Speedway. The child born from Ricky's relationship with fiancée Emily Maynard stays with Rick and Linda each Wednesday night, and they wake on Thursday and take her to school.

Several lawsuits were filed against various parties, including Hendrick Motorsports, regarding the crash, and all have been long-since settled. "And I really believe if you don't have any faith or a lot of friends and family -- and my family is huge, because of these folks, here.

We would not let their dreams die, but instead to go out and take it to the world.

He competed in both the Busch Series and Craftsman Truck Series before his death from an airplane accident on October 24, 2004.In 1998, he received his first win on May 23, and earned his first pole position on July 18.One year later, he entered the NASCAR Busch Series (now Xfinity Series) at Myrtle Beach Speedway, where he qualified fifth and finished 20th. He was Hendrick Motorsports' lead engine builder -- and one of the first people Rick Hendrick hired at HMS. He was an executive for Jeff Gordon's sponsor, Du Pont. Most companies could not sustain a loss of that magnitude and survive. He wasn't sure how he could ever set foot on the Motorsports campus again."The hurt was just so bad, and it was so much grief," Hendrick said. 2, eight days after the crash, he knew it was imperative that he address the organization. Richard Tracy and Elizabeth Morrison were on the plane as its pilots. He was the heir apparent, a young man with tremendous passion and a giving heart who had two years prior foregone his own driving aspirations to learn from his father how to lead the organization.

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